Nov 29, 2010

BMW employees steal 4 million dollars worth of gear

A group of 18 employees have been caught stealing from the BMW assembly line in Munich, Germany totaling a sum of $4,000,000 in parts.  If that’s not interesting enough then how about this.  They’ve been doing it for years.

The employees would call in fake quality control checks, stop the whole assembly process, and make off with the goods and then sell them in various markets.  Interior seating was the most popular and highest-yielding product that was stolen and sold.

BMW’s very own internal investigators figured this out, but it wasn’t until the thieves made off with $4,000,000.  Three employees are currently in custody.

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  • They wouldnt happen to have a e30 hartge cabriolet interior stuffed up there back passage would they as im selling scrap as the genuine article on e30zone
    Is it also possible to fabricate a letter stating its genuine

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  • My friend rav335uk takes life to seriously and im suprised he hasnt posted on here yet
    Ask the bruv`s if they have any m50 or m52`s to replace his boat anchor
    Good price yeah x

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  • Big up the e30zone massive
    Best bmw site on the net
    Oh ,Shout out to cook318is , Your now famous bud
    Oh and btw the mods cant touch me on here , Smamone heee heeeeeeeee
    But am i the real e30ata ,
    Couldnt get hold of birds but can produce a birth certificate with some tubby tustard on it

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    I,M ATA.

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    • What the fooks going on, never mind there must be a SAD B out there
      I am the real e30ata
      Ill prove it
      Wanna buy my re-shelled 318 cabby with hartge tat bolted on
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      Hang on , Im talking to myself here but ……. To a wider audience than the zone sucker

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