New lexus GS-F

lexus GS-F

The F-sports department of Lexus has lately been getting some criticism.  With the introduction of the Lexus IS-F that was hyped up to very high levels but then performed mediocre compared to the BMW M3, the Mercedes-Benz C63, and the Audi RS4.  Now Lexus has another chance to redeem itself. Say hello to the Lexus GS-F.

Rumored to be release in early 2012, the Lexus GS-F would be the direct competitor to the Mercedes-Benz E63 and the BMW M5.  The new GS-F won’t come cheap though with an estimated price of about $90,000-$100,000, which is more expensive than both the M5 and E63.


It was rumored originally the new GS-F would have a detuned version of the LF-A V-10 engine, but reports are coming that instead it will have the same 5.0L V8 engine as the Lexus IS-F, but instead with 465 hp.  That’s good, but that is still less than the E63′s 518 hp and the BMW M5′s current 500 hp.  One thing Lexus has done though is strip off about 140 pounds from the original Lexus GS which gives it a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds.


The news that a new model will come forth from the F-sports department of Lexus is good, but lets just hope it’s everything we think expect it to be.

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