Nov 29, 2010

Saudi Billionaire continues expansion into US markets


The Saudi Billionaire, who owns a stake in Citigroup, recently confirmed a 500 million dollar buyout of GM shares equaling a total amount of about one percent of the company. Kingdom Holding Co. confirmed that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal decided to obtain one percent of GM Motors after it finally came back to the world of public trading after it’s bankruptcy and bailout by Washington because quote, “the global strength of General Motors brand, the relatively attractive offering price, and the company’s growth prospect in both Brazil and China.”


Prince Alwaleed personal portfolio is already impressive with major stakes in Citigroup, News Corp, and Disney. The addition of GM Motors just further strengthens the connection between Middle East oil giants and the United States.

“GM strongly came back to global competition, where the company was able to reduce its operating and fixed expenses, strengthen its financial position and returned to profitability.  We are confident that the current management of GM is able to deliver growth and profits over the coming years. We will be able to achieve the expected return on this investment,” said Kingdom Holding Co’s executive director of private equity, Ahmed Halawani.

As of right now GM’s IPO came out to about 15.8 billion dollars and its sharing are increasing daily which signals that this was indeed a strong, well played move by the Billionaire Prince.

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