Feb 18, 2011

199mph Pagani Zonda Crash

Zonda Crash

Major Pagani Zonda crash on the Italian A10 Autostrada. Forensics revealed that the driver lost control around 320 km/h (198.8 mph), causing the 1.5 million dollar super-car to spin and hit the guardrail on its right side. After that the Zonda lost a wheel and over turned and shot  across the roadway and collided with a Mercedes who the driver was apparently racing.  Both the 28-year-old driver and his 21-year-old passenger were unhurt thanks to a carbon-composite safety cell.

Who said supercars are not safe.


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  • Then he bought the rights to the tuning company Gemballa (not lying, look it up)

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    • Yep he had just invested in Gemballa.

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  • [...] 12 years ago Pagani introduced it’s first supercar, the Zonda. A car that wasn’t aesthetically pleasing to the eye as say, the Ferrari 458 Italia, but was so unique and new that it gained attention to car enthusiast everywhere. Not only was the car unique looking it sounded beautiful and ran like a bat out of hell. Unfortunately, Pagani will no longer be producing the Zonda, however it’s replacement’s spec sheet appears as if it is up to the task of doing more than replacing the Zonda. Lets first hope a Huayra (pronounced waI-rah) doesn’t end up like this Zonda. [...]

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