May 11, 2011

Best Buy to Begin Sales of Electric Vehicles

Best Buy Electric Vehicles

Best Buy has been in talks with various car companies to begin the sales of electric vehicles in their stores. It is rumored that Best Buy will not only feature some major brands but also small start up brands as well. Best Buy’s Geek Squad will already be offering warranty and repair services for the 2012 Ford Focus Electric as well as the Mitsubishi I-MiEV.  Best Buy is still in negotiations with car companies and can not fully disclose the details and inner workings of the partnerships.

With this news there are things that one would have to ponder. Where will they place these vehicles, next to the televisions or next to the candy bars while you wait in the queue line? Where can I take my vehicle for repair when Best Buy closes its doors? Anyone who has ever been on the internet or to a Wal-Mart knows that Best-Buy is having an extremely difficult time staying competitive. They have far higher overhead than any online retailer. Wal-Mart’s massive amount of sales will keep their prices down, and any car lot will be able to offer far more vehicle specific information and services. So why bring cars to Best Buy? In order for this to work out, Best Buy will have to offer some sort of exclusive service or packages that others cannot, i.e., throw in a 52 inch LED TV with the purchase. It’s not everyday someone is thinking “WOW, I really need a new camera. Hey! I should buy a new car while I’m here.” Well maybe people do but I don’t know those people. So maybe I’m the loser.

I am not sure which direction this plan will take Best Buy but I wish them the best.

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