First US BMW 1M Coupe Reviewed

BMW 1M Coupe

The first US recipient of the BMW 1M coupe has offered his evaluation of the vehicle and you should find his feedback very insightful, and maybe even a bit surprising.

“So my overall impression is that this is a fantastic little car. It can be quiet and reserved but can show its aggressiveness at a moments notice. Compared to a Cayman or Boxster, it is more reserved. It doesn’t have that visceral feel and responsiveness unless you push it. Think of the 1M as the quiet, introverted but just as competent cousin to the more extroverted, sometimes in your face Cayman. If I could only have one car, I’d probably opt for the Cayman.

Luckily, I have more than one car. And I’m having a blast in my 1M.”

While he doesn’t rank the 1M ahead of the Cayman, he does sing very high praise for BMW’s new offering. The small, nimble, and responsive nature of the 1M seems to harken back to the E30 M3, the first car to be introduced in the M series.

The E30 platform was relatively small and simple with an emphasis placed on driving pleasure. There have been a lot of great M cars released since the E30, but in 2007 Evo Magazine named the E30 M3 Sport Evolution as the best of all in the M series. That speaks volumes to how influential a small, lightweight, driver’s car can be. Positively, based upon what our first US 1M owner has to say, those same sentiments rings true for the 1M as well.

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