Feb 7, 2011

Honda Officially Confirms NSX Successor


Honda officially confirms NSX Successor. In 2005 Honda stopped the production of the NSX. But now CEO of Honda, Takanobu Ito, made it official “I feel that we need to meet the calls from the public asking (for a successor).”  However, do not expect to see a the NSX successor to go into production before 2015.

Like we said before it will not be a v-10 monster however most likely it will be a mid-engine v-6 pony. The Honda NSX makes sense because an employee was quoted saying “Honda does not see the CR-Z as a sports car. It’s a sporty coupe and a great first try in the hybrid-sports direction. To be called a sports car, a car needs to have the potential of an NSX or an S2000. That’s what we need to aim for.”

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