May 6, 2011 Partners with McLaren

McLaren Electronics (the world’s leading online motorsports simulation software) has partnered with McLaren Electronic Systems, to incorporate the McLaren ATLAS Express software into their service. This partnership will give iRacing subscribers access to similar data acquisition and telemetry systems that’s currently used in Formula One.

“With the new iRacing telemetry capability, our members will be able to log detailed telemetry from their virtual race car to disk,” says Dave Kaemmer, iRacing’s chief executive and chief technical officer.  “Using McLaren Electronics’ Atlas Express data analysis application, members who wish to delve into the engineering details in order to improve their cars’ handling will be able to do so, using very similar tools as F1 and NASCAR teams.  In addition, with iRacing’s new real-time telemetry interface, multiple applications will be able to access telemetry simultaneously, allowing easier support for motion platforms, external gauges, and other add-ons from the sim-racing community.”

In addition, they’ll also be developing workbooks and documents to aid members in understanding and fully utilizing the new data acquisition applications. Overall it seems like a nice addition that will bring more realism to the simulation, while also giving its members a peak at what’s actually involved in diagnosing and tweaking the setup of a car.

“Up to now, you had to be a race engineer in a top level race team to access these tools” says Mike Phillips, President of McLaren Electronic Systems’ US division, “and access to reliable real-time data has been a game-changer for car development and race strategy in recent times.  Our link with iRacing will now make this experience easily accessible to the current user community and hopefully new players intrigued by the possibilities this gives them.”

iRacing is expected to update their software to include ATLAS Express near the end of the May.

[Source: iRacing]

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