Lotus Listens to Customers…Sometimes – Group Lotus to Develop it’s Own Engines

Lotus Listens to Customers

Lotus CEO Dany Bahar has recently revealed that following an online survey with more than 10,000 responses, Lotus has begun the development of it’s own engines. Lotus has previously used Toyota engines in their vehicles, which has provided them a lightweight solution for the Elise. The engineering team at Lotus is setting their sights on Ferrari’s V8 which is the power plant for the 458 Italia. The Italia’s naturally aspirated V8 makes around 570 hp at 9000 RPMs.  The 458 has received heavy praise from consumers and enthusiast alike. Lotus has set the bar at an appropriate level, now the question is what will be the end product? Sources claim that Lotus is expecting 550 – 570 hp out of the project.


Lotus expects prototypes to be produced within the next month or so. Also, in Lotus news, CEO Bahar said that the Elan has been delayed due to the fact that resources have been dedicated to the new Lotus flagship, the Esprit.

So it is good to know that sometimes auto manufactures listen to what fans, customers, and the general public say. However, from the survey, responses were against Lotus creating a four door vehicle that would attempt to go toe to toe with the Porsche Panamera. Well, Lotus still plans to move forward with the production of the Lotus Eterne.

Source: Autocar


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