Rimac Automobili plans to debut the Concept One a 1088hp Electric Car at Frankfurt Autoshow

When your number rival that of the Bugatti Veyron then you know your amongst the ranks of truelly legendaty super cars. Croatian car company Rimac Automobili has developed an all electric car that will rival the greatest supercars but only for 375 miles as that is the stated range from its 92kWh lithium ion phosphate battery. The Concept One features for electric motors that when combined equal 1088 hp. Whats more impressive is the fact that the four motors have torque vectoring capabilities, which allows variable output and complete control at each wheel. This feature adds an additional dynamic to vehicle handling and will help tremendously while flying around the corners. As electric motors continue to catch on hopefully torque vectoring will be a somewhat standard feature as the technology matures. As of now this is the only prototype, however if I were a betting man (which I am) I would bet that after this autoshow it will have a lot of funding to put this bad boy into production, we can only cross our fingers in anticipation.

We will learn more details as the Frankfurt Autoshow continues. Check out the video that shows off the development and some cool facts about the car.


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