Video: Ken Gushi Drifting in a Scion FR-S

There’s a plethora of answers to all of our questions regarding the FR-S on the interwebs, but here’s one question that has yet to be answered, until now. That is, how well does the Scion FR-S drift? And who better to answer that question than Ken Gushi, first for his obvious expertise on the matter, and secondly for seemingly being the only person with the gonads to drift a press car at a media event.

In the following video Ken Gushi drifts a Scion FR-S on a wet track in Japan while giving us his impressions on this highly anticipated vehicle. In the five minute video, it’s very easy to tell just how tossable and controllable the car is, even in somewhat poor track conditions.

So, how does the Scion FR-S fair when drifting? Judging by the huge smile on Ken Gushi’s face, I would say the answer is ‘amazingly well’.

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