5 Cars for People Who Love to Drive

You could easily be behind the wheel of a supercar, holding on for dear life as your tires scream for more. This experience can be yours for a few dollars, how is this possible? Well driving experience days are being coming more popular and readily available in may locations around the US and UK.

When you think of dream cars that car enthusiasts would really like the ultimate experience of driving one day, then the five super cars that comes to mind are:

  • Ferrari

  • Lamborghini

  • Audi R8

  • Porsche

  • Aston Martin

The mention of these cars usually generates excitement and stimulates a lot of robust discussion among car enthusiasts. Men in particular tend to really be hung up on the thought of one day being able to get behind the wheel of their dream car. Women, who are not to be outdone, also have keen interest in these vehicles.

The affordability of these vehicles is the major factor that separates these enthusiasts from their dream car. The fact is that high-end super car enthusiasts can actually drive away in their dream car (for a day) and at an affordable cost. Driving experience days are designed to give big dreamers the reality they’ve always wished for.

Imagine being able to spend an entire day flooring the pedal of your dream car, and ripping along the road (designated) or around the track at speeds you only saw on television, and at car races. Speeds that were only locked away in your dreams and imagination! Here’s a bit of what to expect during your driving experience.

1. Ferrari

Classic yet aggressive, the Ferrari is a magnificent machine that is like a beast, but requires gentle handling. This does not mean you have to be overly cautious. You can push a Ferrari to its limit during your driving experience. An instructor will help you gain the necessary experience so you can handle the car on your own.

2. Lamborghini

With an expert instructor by your side, you will be able to do what most people just do not get to do in their lifetime – drive a super car that is worth a quarter of a million pounds. During your Lamborghini driving experience, you can explode around corners and fly along the straights. Your instructor helps you gain the calm and confidence that will allow you to actually get rid of the jitters, and savour every moment of your driving experience in your dream car.

3. Audi R8

The Audi R8 is itching just as you are to get out on the tracks and deliver on performance. Audi had marketed this car as the slowest they had ever built, but it certainly does not seem to be living up (or down) to that claim. As big on comfort as it is on delivering the thrills, the Audi R8 brings you pure unadulterated power complemented by high technology trimmings.

4. Porsche

A combination of sizzling horsepower that enables its speed and agility, the Porsche is the perfect super car for honing your skills on the track. This high-performance machine will deliver your dream experience in fine style.

5. Aston Martin

The Aston Martin delivers a driving experience you will never forget. Blasting around the track in this classic and being able to accelerate to your heart’s content is just something the memories will never let go of. You will enjoy speeding away in this machine that first made its debut in the action film Goldfinger in 1964 alongside the legendary James Bond.

Driving experience days make great personal treats as well as an excellent surprise gift for someone special.

Neil Hilden contributed this guest post for Wish.co.uk. Neil is a freelance writer and a driving enthusiast. His articles mainly appear on motoring blogs.

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  1. Carhut said:

    All 5 of these vehicles are to die for. Nothing beats the history prestige and racing history of a Ferrari though. The ultimate supercar in my books.

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