AMS Performance Alpha Omega GT-R Sets World Record

Alpha Omega GT-R

AMS one-ups their selves with the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R


AMS Performance does it again, this time with the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R. The Alpha Omega GT-R recently set the Texas Mile ablaze, recording a GT-R top speed record of 218mph. It also clocks the quarter mile in 8.62 seconds at 173.81mph. I’m still trying to pick my jaw up from their last build in the Alpha 12, and already they’ve well surpassed the records set with it.

What more can be said about AMS and their Alpha GT-R program? When the Nissan GT-R was initially released there were growing fears that it would not take well to modifications, and the days of builds that exceeded 1,000 horsepower were done for the legendary Godzilla. Five years later, tuning companies such as AMS continue to prove that the next generation GT-R is more than capable of taking anything that you can throw at it. Granted, it’s not going to come cheap, but it’s still nice to see that in true GT-R form the sky is still the limit for this engineering masterpiece.

With the R34 your only limitation was your imagination…. Along with your wallet, and the same could be said for the R35 as well. So, say what you will about it not being a true successor, but it’s still tuning-bliss which is good enough for me.

What’s scary is AMS still isn’t finished testing the limits yet. They plan on improving the aero and adjusting the final gear to push the Alpha Omega GT-R even further.

[Source: AMS]

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