Audi TT RS Plus Coupe and Roadster Revealed

The third-generation Audi TT is slated for release in 2014. However, that hasn’t stopped Audi from tweaking and improving their current model. Enter the newly announced Audi TT RS Plus. The Plus signifies some slight upgrades over the RS model in both the performance and styling department of the TT.

The most noticeable visual change is probably the 19-inch wheels that are painted black with contrasting red rim flanges. The flashier appearance continues with a single frame radiator grille and diamond-pattern mesh that’s polished in anthracite with a matt aluminum trim. The housings of the exterior mirrors are made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, creating a nice contrast to the red body.

You’ll find more carbon bits under the hood with a carbon cover decorating the engine bay.

But, does the performance backup the bold look? The Audi TT RS Plus will retain the same 2.5-liter TFSI engine, which has been slightly beefed up. It will now produce an additional 20bhp for a total of 355bhp and 342.97 lb-ft of torque. Coupled with the S Tronic transmission the RS Plus Coupe will rocket from 0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds, while the standard manual gets there in an equally impressive 4.3 seconds.

The astonishing figures are due primarily to the extremely lightweight Audi Space Frame (ASF) bodies made of aluminum at the front and sheet steel at the rear. The Coupé with manual transmission, including quattro drive, weighs just 3,196.70 lbs, which is extremely impressive for an all-wheel drive vehicle. So while the performance modifications are extremely modest, it’s hard to argue with the impressive results and it could possibly provide a nice taste of what’s to come in future TT models.

The Audi TT RS Plus will be available in Coupe and Roadsters versions later this year for the German market, with no details on when it will hit the US.

[Source: AudiZine]


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