Ford GT Sets, Then Breaks the Standing Mile Record

257.7 MPH is the new standing mile record. This record was set by a man named…well nobody cares about the man, everyone wants to know about the machine! It is a 2006 Hennessey Performance Ford GT. Video after the jump…

The car originally set the record the day before at 250.1 MPH but felt that the car still had more left, so they went back made some slight adjustments and waited for favorable weather conditions. At the half mile mark of his record setting run the car was already doing 204 MPH! Impressive, to say the least.

Now this is not the standard Ford GT that Hennessey Performance sells, far from it. This is a highly modified twin Precision Tubro, 5.4 liter, 34 PSI of boost, 117 octane gas guzzling BEAST of a machine. The car was tuned and managed by MoTeC of Huntington Beach, California. If you know anything about high performance you know how important tuning, data acquisition and calibration are. The guy pulling the string behind the Ford GT still believes they could have squeezed a few more MPH’s out of her, however, that will have to wait until the next event.

The exact output of the car is unknown however HPE owner John Hennessey says “2000hp is a safe bet.”

We only have two wishes, one – that companies like Hennessey Performance continue to push the envelope and encourage other tuners and car performance technology, and two – that Ford would bring back the Ford GT!

Source: HPE Blog

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