Gemballa Ferrari Enzo MiG-U1 in Paris

This Ferrari Enzo that was blessed by the stylings of Uwe Gemballa, showed up recently in Paris. Pictures and videos of this uniquely designed Enzo have been popping up all over the web as the MiG-U1 Enzo has recently come out of hiding. 

The Gemballa Ferrari Enzo MiG-U1 was one of the last projects that Uwe worked on prior to his death. The MiG-U1, may not have the soft and subtly of a Ferrari 458, it is a phenomenal display of engineering and aerodynamic mastery. The aero kit is redesigned by Gemballa, a new exhaust system was also added as well as an ECU remapping that boost the output of the Enzo to 700 horsepower. The Enzo MiG-U1 also has electronically controlled front suspension that can raise the front of the car to assist in driving this car on actually streets rather than just the track.

Here is a photo by French photographer caught on the streets of Paris. If you take a closer look, what do we have here? Dubai plates….of course.

Originally Gemballa planned to produce 25 of these supercars however shortly after the first was created, Uwe Gemballa went missing and was later found dead, causing Gemballa to shut down shortly after. Here is the Gemballa Ferrari Enzo MiG-U1 official web special.

Check out this video submitted by alexsmolik in front of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, France.


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