Jan 3, 2012

Honda EV-STER Concept Headed to Production?

Well not exactly however, word is that the body of the Honda EV-STER concept will be used to derive a production vehicle. One glance at the EV-STER and it evokes the nostalgia, with the small compact size and sporty stance one can only be reminded of the Honda CRX, which can be considered one of the best compact cars in history. Well Honda CEO told Auto Motor und Sport magazine that the EV-STER which is Honda’s vision of what an electric sports car will look like in the coming years. Also, that Honda plans to release a vehicle as early as next year with a similar body as the EV-STER and either an all battery powered or gasoline power train. It would be nice to see automakers such as Honda who have pledged to reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 30%, offer cars with a range of power train options such as full electric, gasoline or hybrid while keeping the body stles relatively similar to allow consumers to chose what best suits they’re needs.

Whatever the case the EV-STER look was a hit at the Tokyo Auto Show and will surely be a head turner as long as the vehicle isn’t completely stripped of its edgy look.


Source: Auto Motor und Sport

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