The Ford Mustang V6 Premium Review

Ford Mustang V6 Premium

The most recent addition to the Ford Mustang line of cars is their new Ford Mustang V6 Premium 2013 model. Ford has made some interesting upgrades and refinements since the last version and could be set to be one of Ford’s more well-received lines in 2013. The latest Mustang looks to be more powerful with changes to the engine spec and trim as well as increased luxury aspects to make the car more comfortable. Safety has not been disregarded either, with some minor enhancements towards the air bag system (including side mounted bags), the Ford factory-installed engine immobilizer, child seating, and the automated braking systems.

Overview of the 2013 V6 Ford Mustang
This new Ford Mustang model manages to mix not just style and speed, but also comfort and entertainment – something which Mustangs have never really had the reputation for. One of many new features you will discover in the 2013 model is the 4.2 inch LCD screen built into the dashboard. This is hooked up to the Ford Navigation System for GPS, but also gives warnings on fuel levels, temperatures, car status as well as a clock, music compatibility, and a digital speedometer. The LCD also has a TrackApp to lap times, 0 – 60 times and various other data utilizing its accelerometer.

Space seems to be more abundant as well in the 2013 Ford Mustang. As mentioned earlier too, it’s also a lot more comfortable than previous generations with soft leather padded seating in both rear and front. The driver’s seat gets a complete overhaul and can be electronically adjusted to suit you – it’s completely ergonomically designed and is built to adapt to your body shape. Elsewhere in the car you can expect to have more head, hip, and shoulder room and in the back, the rear passengers will benefit from 3 inches more leg room when compared to the 2009 model.
Inside the cabin, the new Ford Mustang also has new operating buttons for the power mirrors, remote powered door locks and power windows. There’s even a rear view camera built-in to the dashboard which should help you with those tricky reversing maneuvers.

Ford Mustang Styling as Prevalent as Ever
From a styling perspective, Ford have included new front floor mats which have a nice touch with metal Mustang logo plates on them. It is little touches like this that help set the new Mustang apart from rival motor vehicles. Branding of the Mustang has always been important to Ford and the new 2013 V6 Premium model takes that to a new level.

What about the performance and driving experience? Well, the speed of this new Mustang has also taken it up a notch, as it’s now possible to get up to a speed in excess of 200 miles per hour. As you can see, it’s super quick – even if you don’t ever get the opportunity to reach these speeds on normal roads. The acceleration is also improved as it can now hit zero to 60 miles per hour in around 5.9 seconds flat.

For 2013, Ford customers will also benefit from improved braking and a better suspension tuning – these are designed to help you navigate tricky corners a lot better with more refined and sensitive handling. The driver can choose either manual or automatic six speed transmission Mustang models, all of which are based upon a 3.7L V6 engine which produces 305 horse power at 6500 revs per minute.

The Design Always Looks Impressive
Externally the Mustang looks as good as ever. There are some minor visual upgrades – for example it comes with HID headlights together with two bar LED running lights. The 2013 Mustang V6 will have the same insignia and stripes that make it stand out from the crowd as well as 19 inch alloy wheels and all-season tires.
I can’t really express much more about how much I love the Ford Mustang. The 2013 model might not have quite enough new additions to make an existing owner upgrade, but it will totally appeal to someone who has not owned one before. Make sure you try taking one out for a test drive as soon as you can.

Author Bio: Bob Simmons is the guy behind the website. Bob is a huge Ford Mustang fan and currently drives a 2008 model.

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