The Renault A110-50 Concept Revealed and On the Track

If the sound of the V6 in the Renault A110-50 does not get your blood flowing then you must be the start of the zombie apocalypse. The car sounds and looks stunning, just like a French supercar  supermodel.

French automaker Renault couldn’t hold back the secret any longer, Renault revealed the A110-50 concept ahead of the Monaco F1 GP. The Renault A110-50 concept is a nod to the 50 year old A110 Berlinette sports car (1962 for all you math haters). The new concept car brings hope that Renault will one day continue its Alpine production line of performance vehicles. Prior to the recession, Renault had mentioned a return of the Alpine badge, however backed out after times got rough.

The A110-50 is kind of a hodgepodge of parts that Renault had laying around the factory from other concept vehicles and other race cars. This includes the Nissan V6 power plant that produces 402hp and 311 ft-lbs of torque, from the Megane sports car, the Renault Dezir Concept’s drive train and other miscellaneous tidbits. However, the result is absolutely astonishing! If you have watched the video above then you know what I mean.

The new Renault A110-50 is hope for all you Renault fans out there. With an extremely aggressive and over the top look, the design of the A110-50 takes subtle cues from its predecessor the Berlinette, including the LED fog lights, striking blue and orange color, and the overall aggressive posture. This would be a good way for Renault to make its way back into the performance car realm.


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    superb car model. great design and great look. I have downloaded some pic of this car. This car look like Batmans new car superb.

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