The Thrill of Rally Racing

Okay, you know rally racing involves cars and driving them fast. But rally racing is its own animal, more realistic and exciting than just whipping around a round track in laps. Rally racing is a form of auto racing that takes place on usually private roads with modified production or specially built road-legal cars.

Driving a rally car is an amazing adrenaline pumper. Just watching the sport and cheering on a driver can produce such an amazing adrenaline fix. What makes the experience even more fun, a lot like the car chase in your favorite movie, is that you are not on the side lines jumping and cheering, you’re in it. You’re in the wild, on a probably narrow dirt road, flying over crests, with faith, luck and an imprudent passenger clinging to your side. The perpetual skidding and sliding required to go fast on these loose surfaces-and not just to look fancy – is what gives rally driving its high thrill factor.

Aside from the thrill, rally driving actually enhances your driving capabilities and leaves you with a real insight into the tricks and trades that make it such an adrenaline based sport. Being in the driver’s seat and flying over road surfaces, no matter the type, while navigating hairpin bends, gives you that first hand hair raising thrill that is characteristic of rally car driving. You get the perfect opportunity to handle the car and polish your driving skills.

Your adrenaline rush may start to build even before you get into the car. Possibly it heightens the moment you get behind the wheel of that rally car and realize the moment is here. This is it. You feel the grip of the wheel and are amazed by it, you are thinking about the acceleration, and braking ability of the rally car. You start the engine and hear the rev; the little beast is ready and rearing to go. Even with your own blood pumping in your ear, you know, you have to maintain some calm while not taming the adrenaline that is surging through your body. Adrenaline is a key factor that makes rally racing what it is today. Adrenaline excites, but it also helps to keep you sharp and focused. The race is on, and you know you must prove your skills and outclass your opponent.

Those who desire to do rally racing should first equip themselves with the required skills and techniques. If this is your first time out rally racing, then you may actually have a rally school instructor seated in the navigator’s seat while you are behind the wheel. As you are taken through the paces, you will feel the thrill. You may realize there is a difference in the thrill you feel when you are on the side lines and when you are in action. In the driver’s seat, the brain acknowledges that this is business, and going around the circuit you will experience the thrill like never before. Rally racing is designed to ensure you learn special techniques such as power slides, handbrake turns and under and over steer.

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Neil Hilden contributed this guest post for Wish UK. Neil is a rally driving enthusiast and a freelance writer. His articles mainly appear on auto publications. Find out more about rally cars at

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