Aston Martin Looking to Revive the Lagonda SUV


Aston Martin Lagonda concept to become a reality.

With the growth of the SUV market and 4 door sport cars becoming more and more successful, Aston Martin has recently announced plans to rehash the Lagonda SUV that was announced at the Geneva Auto Show in 2009. Bentley, Maserati, and Rolls-Royce have showed interest in developing SUV renditions of their luxury cars. The concept Lagonda was based off the Mercedes-Benz GL frame. Aston Martin has been in intense negotiations with Mercedes-Benz to work out a deal that will give Aston Martin access to the Mercedes-Benz GL frame, power train, electronics, making it more cost effective to produce the Lagonda. While the concept Lagonda packed an Aston Martin V12, there is no words on whether or not the same powerplant will be in the production model. If I had to guess Aston Martin will likely offer several engine options in their SUV much like Porsche does with it Cayenne.Aston Martin made no specific remarks as to when we can expect the Lagonda however, he is very committed to making it a reality.
In an interview Bez stated ““We don’t make utility, you do not take an Aston Martin or Lagonda to the shop to buy a fridge and I don’t think this is what utility means to us. It has to have a different kind of comfort and useability.” With statements like that you be sure that whatever rolls off the Aston Masrtin production line, whenever it rolls off, it will be no slouch. Here’s to hoping they fix the rear end on this thing.

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