De Macross GT1 Track Test

De Macross GT1

A Canadian supercar, eh? Believe it or not the De Macross GT1 calls Canada home and is well on its way to competing with the world’s best. Created by Jahong Hur and engineered and built by Multimatic (Headquartered in Canada), this tandem is coming out swinging.

A mid-mounted 5.4 liter supercharged V8 provides the juice, to a tune of 800 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque. Rocketing the car to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and completing the quarter mile in 11.5. To keep that amount of power in check Multimatic has incorporated Formula One technology into their suspension setup. More precisely, it uses the same Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve (DSSV) dampers that Multimatic has engineered for certain F1 race teams. In other words, it’s going to be pretty expensive to say the least.

Also, going into the suspension setup are hydraulic anti-roll bars, an active ride height control system, independent SLA, and aluminum control arms.

The De Macross GT1 went through its initial shakedown at the end of March and the success is detailed in the release below.

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Scion FR-S Concept – A Closer Look

Scion FR-S Concept

The Scion FR-S Concept was recently revealed for the first time and there’s a lot to be excited about!


The Scion FR-S concept was recently revealed at the New York Auto Show to the delight of many anxious “Toyobaru” fans around the world. The FR-S signifies a giant leap forward in the collaboration between Toyota and Subaru, bringing them one step closer to releasing their joint-venture sports car. With that said, the FR-S is still in concept form so what we see before us today will slightly differ from the production version that will show up on car lots in 2012.

Still, our sneak peak is a firm indication of just how brilliant the final version will be. The FR-S looks absolutely stunning with its unique blend of futuristic design mixed with old school form. The old school aspect comes into play from design cues taken from the Toyota 2000GT. The low and long hood, short rear, and bulging wheel arches brings some 60’s styling into 2012.

The concept also features a menacing front-end and overall sleek design that’s almost reminiscent of the Lexus LFA. To think, not long ago there was a lot of speculation that if released under Scion the styling would be watered down in a sense, but the pictures below certainly tell a different story.

So, it looks great, but we’re talking about a performance car here so let’s get to the meaningful information.

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Scion FR-S Concept Revealed at NY Auto Show

Scion Introduces FR-S Sports Coupe Concept at 2011 New York Auto Show

Scion unveiled the rear-wheel drive FR-S Concept sports coupe to- day at the 2011 New York International Auto Show. The concept, which sets out to stimulate the souls of true driving enthusiasts, will be at the Scion display through May 1. The FR-S Concept will inspire a new model coming to the Scion brand next year.

The FR-S Concept, which stands for Front-engine, Rear-wheel drive, Sport; is Scion’s definition of an authentic rear-wheel-drive sports car with compelling style, exceptionally balanced performance and handling, flexible utility and surprising MPG.

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Next Generation Dodge Viper to Debut Next Year

Next-Gen Dodge Viper Training For ÔSuper CarÊOlympicsÕ The long

Chrysler has recently announced that their next generation Dodge Viper will debut next year. At one point it was thought that production of the Viper was done for good, so such an early return is a welcomed surprise. While details are sparse at the moment, as expected, we do know that the new Viper will feature electronic stability control for the first time. However, don’t assume that this means the Viper is going soft. It’s a rather safe bet that the driver will have the ability to turn off all of the electronic nannies at his own discretion.

The only significant knock against previous Vipers is that it did not make for the ideal daily driver. With the size and power of the vehicle many reviewers deemed it fun, but very demanding. Thus, most Viper owners used it as a cruiser, or weekend track warrior. With the addition of stability control the Viper should become somewhat more streetable and present more value to its owners, while still maintaining the aggressive demeanor that it’s known for.

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Scion FT-86 Concept Video Teaser


The FT-86 concept has been a hot topic since it was first announced at the Tokyo Motorshow back in 2009. While rumors and speculation have been abounding, we can finally lay one of the bigger ones to rest. The new teaser video released by Scion essentially confirms that Toyota’s version of the FT-86 will be released under their Scion brand.

The official unveil will take place at the New York Auto Show April 20 at 1:40 pm EST. Scion will live stream the debut via

The FT-86 is expected to go on sale in late 2012.Video teaser after the jump.

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2012 Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake Produces 800HP

The 2012 Mustang GT500 Super Snake will be unveiled at the New York Auto Show, and without a doubt the buzz will center on its staggering output of 800 horsepower. The key power-upgrade being an optional polished Kenne Bell supercharger, which will run you an additional $1,500. Personally I can’t wait to hear the whine from an 800 horsepower, supercharged engine. Even though such a glorious sound may be accompanied by the whine of a wallet, as a fully optioned 2012 Super Snake will cost around $100,000.

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Mopar 11 Charger Sketch

Mopar 11 Charger Sketch

Following the successful launch of the Mopar ’10 Challenger, Chyrsler and Mopar will team up again on a soon to be released Mopar ’11 Charger. Exact details and specifications are expected to be released later this month, but judging from the sketch this special edition surely will not disappoint in the styling department.

The sketch unveils what’s most likely a Brilliant Black paint job with a traditional Mopar blue off-center stripe. It also looks like the hood scoop has been removed for a sleeker, more refined appearance.

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