Racing Simulator – Assetto Corsa Developer Q&A

Assetto Corsa Developer Interview:

Automotive enthusiasts are unquestionably a passionate bunch. For some the craving for speed must be itched whether on the road, race course, or even within the comfort of their own home burning pixelated rubber. In the past, it was slightly more difficult to find racing games that were immersive enough to satisfy such a craving. Today, however, technology has improved to the point where certain games are realistic enough to receive a seal of approval from various professional racers and amateurs alike.

One such title is Assetto Corsa, which is a racing simulation currently under development by the Italian based Kunos Simulazioni. Kunos has quickly developed a rich history of delivering some of the most authentic racing games that are available, and Assetto Corsa is shaping up to continue that success.

AutoDebut was fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity of asking Kunos Simulazioni a few questions regarding their upcoming work, to find out what Assetto Corsa is all about.

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