Wind-Cheater 2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Convertible

The 2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Convertible is being marketed as the fastest and most-capable convertible in the history of Corvette. In the past, to put it bluntly the lower-end Corvette models, particularly the convertibles, have been known as the slightly more casual – less capable performers when compared to their higher-end counterparts. While that will always be the case, to an extent, at least that gap has closed some with the new 427 Convertible.

Much more attention has been put into ensuring that the convertible is just as enthusiastic when pushed to the limit as the Z06 or ZR1 is. One surefire way of guaranteeing that the convertible is no longer the red-headed step child, or younger brother that gets bullied, is to give it the same muscle. The 427 Convertible features the same 7.0-liter 505hp LS7 engine that powers the Corvette Z06, making the convertible a much more intriguing package.

For a car like the Corvette, it’s not all about power though as the handling capabilities are just as important as well. To improve the handling characteristics the 427 Convertible borrows aerodynamic technology from the ZR1. The video below showcases how the cars advanced aerodynamics aid the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Convertible’s precise handling and grip at the track.

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Ken Block’s 2012 Schedule and Livery Launch – Car Porn

Interested in a little car porn? The Ford Fiesta reveals all in Ken Block’s 2012 schedule and livery launch video, aptly titled car porn. The video gives viewers an unprecedented look at not only the cars hot new livery, but also a brief glimpse of the interior, engine bay, turbo, and shocks. The cars shown are the Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. and Fiesta G.W.T. Rally cars. These will be the cars that Ken Block will pilot at the Global Rally Cross, WRC, Summer X-Games, Gymkhana World Tour, and of course Kevin Block’s own Gymkhana five which will be released this summer.

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Ben Sopra Nissan R35 GTR Clutch-Operated Drift Car

Who says the Nissan R35 GTR can’t be a bona-fide drift machine? Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi proves that it can in a Ben Sopra R35 GTR. Okay, so this one has been highly modified, but in a way they’ve brought the GTR back to its core roots. First off, pretty much all of the fancy electronics are gone. The transmission is clutch operated, that’s right, the flappy paddle nonsense is gone and in its place is a nice old-fashioned clutch pedal and stick (Holinger sequential). The GTR’s computer system has also been altered with a MoTec unit. Nobuteru Taniguchi describes the modification as follows “A fully electronic dependent R35 has been transformed into an analog drift machine”.

What else were old school GTR’s known for? Huge power modifications and the same is true for this unique R35. Engine modifications include CP Aluminum Forged Pistons, Carrillo Conrods, JUN camshaft, 1000cc injectors, and of course to top it off an upgraded twin-turbo kit (GT3082R).

See it in action below.

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Chris Harris Review on the McLaren MP4-12C Everyday Drivability and Practicality

How well does the McLaren MP4-12C rate in terms of everyday usability? Chris Harris has our answer in his video review of the MP4-12C, which examines the McLaren’s practicality. Typically owning a super-car can be more chore than pleasure, not that I have the privilege of knowing this firsthand. However, the downside to owning such cars has always been well known that they’re simply not the best for motoring around town every day. They lack basic amenities, visibility is often poor, the ride is extremely harsh, and probably worse of all they don’t have enough ground clearance to make it over ramps and the likes, meaning that they’re often relegated to Sunday cruises.

The McLaren MP4-12C is not your average supercar though. In fact some would argue that it’s even the best. When you consider that the car features heated-seats, dual climate control, and as Chris puts it – the MP4-12C even rides better than a Rolls Royce. All of that in a package that can carve corners like it’s no one’s business and hit 0-60 mph in three seconds. There are not many cars capable of reaching those numbers, while also maintaining easy drivability at low speeds.

As good as that all sounds, it does create a bit of a dilemma, and that’s whether or not a supercar can be too civilized? Does McLaren’s latest creation lose some of its excitement by being too tame? Follow through for the full scoop and Chris Harris’ review of the McLaren MP4-12C.

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Subaru Engineers Discuss the Subaru BRZ Development Process

Let’s not forget that the FT-86 concept was a joint venture and with the entire buzz surrounding Toyota/Scion it’s time we dish out some love for the Subaru BRZ. After all, the core development of what makes this such a special car was all handled by Subaru. Their engineers were responsible for the chassis and powertrain development while Toyota was in charge of the design. Even the heart of both sports cars is the 2.0-liter flat-four, also developed by Subaru, although Toyota did contribute their D-4S combination port- and direct-fuel-injection system.

While both cars are seemingly identical, there are some small inherent differences between the two. Mainly, as Car and Driver points out, that the Subaru BRZ is less prone to oversteer and has a slight tendency to understeer. Driver preference as to whether or not that should be considered a positive or negative. Nonetheless, it’s time we get Subaru’s take on this entire project. Thankfully, they recently released a video in which they detail the development and thought process behind the Subaru BRZ.

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Video: The McLaren MP4-12C hits North America

The McLaren MP4-12C has landed in North America and oh what a sight it is. To commemorate its North American launch McLaren Automotive has released a video showcasing the MP4-12C’s arrival. The video starts off at the Port of Baltimore as the car is unloaded onto American soil for the first time, a well-welcomed British invasion. Once unloaded the MP4-12C takes to the streets, drawing attention in key markets for McLaren Automotive.

The McLaren MP4-12C in all of its 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 glory can be had for a base price of $229,000. McLaren plans to launch a new model or variant in the North American market each year, expanding its lineup and reaching new enthusiast audiences.

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Lexus Presents The Tori Praver 500 – Real Curves

The Tori 500 easily takes the crown for the race track featuring the best curves. What is the Tori 500? Lexus has found a rather unique way of leveraging their partnership with Sports Illustrated by bringing in swimsuit model Tori Praver to map a track in her likeness. After posing for a photo, Lexus then took the image to trace a 1-to-1200 inch scale replica outline of her body to serve as a custom road course.

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The 2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Convertible Collector Edition

Press Release:

The Corvette 427 Convertible blends elements of the Z06 and ZR1 models to create the fastest and most-capable convertible in Corvette’s history.

Its heart is the 427-cubic-inch (7.0L) LS7 engine from the Corvette Z06. Rated at 505 horsepower (377 kW) and 470 lb.-ft. of torque (637 Nm), it is the most powerful engine ever installed in a production Corvette convertible – and, like the Z06, the 427 Convertible is only available with a six-speed manual transmission.

The LS7 was co-developed with the Corvette Le Mans-winning GT1 engine and features lightweight titanium connecting rods and intake valves, as well as racing-inspired high-flow cylinder heads and a dry-sump oiling system. It is assembled by hand at GM’s Performance Build Center, where customers who purchase the 427 Convertible Collector Edition can purchase the Corvette Build Experience option and assemble the engine that will power their new car.

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Video: Nurburgring Formula Race Car in the Snow

Apparently hell has frozen over and formula cars are now racing in the snow! The Green Hell to be exact, which is covered in ice and was a whopping -16 degrees Celsius during this filming. Bad conditions? Maybe for us mere mortals but not for Chief Driving Instructor of the Nurburgring Driving Academy, Andy Gulden, as he took a Nürburgring Formula Race Car along the snow covered Nürburgring Nordschleife and Grand Prix track. If you’re driving instructor is capable of doing this, then you’re in pretty good hands.

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Video: FT 86 RC Officially Revealed in Japan

The upcoming FT-86 RC was unveiled for the first time at a recent Japanese auto show. The debut definitely isn’t the flashiest presentation I’ve ever seen, but then again the RC trim isn’t too flashy either. To the contrary, the RC will be a stripped down version of the FR-S/FT-86, made specifically for those who plan to use the vehicle for competition use, or simply want to save a few dollars. You can learn more about the RC here. The video is in Japanese, and unfortunately I can’t translate that for you, but it is our first opportunity to see what the FT86 RC really looks like.

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