Video – Caterham Supersport tears through Snow

Needless to say, the open-top Caterham Supersport was not intended to be driven in the bitter cold and snow-covered streets. Which I suppose, is all the more reason to put the car to the test in such an environment, and as you can tell by the photo – the Caterham Supersport remains fun to drive no matter the conditions. That is, if you don’t mind risking frostbite in order to enjoy the drive whilst counter-locking through the snow. In the following video, Evo feature Editor Henry Catchpole, takes the Caterham Supersport through the windy and snow covered roads of a French mountain.

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Video: Nurburgring Formula Race Car in the Snow

Apparently hell has frozen over and formula cars are now racing in the snow! The Green Hell to be exact, which is covered in ice and was a whopping -16 degrees Celsius during this filming. Bad conditions? Maybe for us mere mortals but not for Chief Driving Instructor of the Nurburgring Driving Academy, Andy Gulden, as he took a Nürburgring Formula Race Car along the snow covered Nürburgring Nordschleife and Grand Prix track. If you’re driving instructor is capable of doing this, then you’re in pretty good hands.

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BMW F10 M5

The New BMW F10 M5:

BMW M5 F10


BMW promises that  the next generation M5 will be ”a brilliant car.” The first concept version will be make its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, and a production version will follow a few months later.

The F10 M5 will be built on an all-new aluminum chassis and will feature the intense use of carbon fiber which will reduce the car’s weight considerably. The F10 BMW M5 will also produce 25% less CO2 and the new 4.4 liter V8 engine will require less fuel but at the same time will deliver 555 horsepower and 680 pounds of torque.

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