Kahn Design Porsche Panamera Wide Track Edition

German ingenuity meets British class in the new Kahn Design Porsche Panamera Wide Track Edition. A stock Panamera will elicit all sorts of different responses, you’ll find a lot who will praise it for its performance and style, while on the other hand, just as many have been known to bash the Panamera for its bland appearance and unattractive lines. It’s definitely one of those cars, at least in terms of style, where you either love it or hate it. But, could the improvements made by Kahn Design be the Panamera that gets everyone excited?

If you’re a fan of carbon grey then the Kahn Design Panamera is already off to a good start. The carbon grey is both sporty and elegant in appearance making it a perfect choice for a car that exudes luxury while staying true to Porsche’s standard in performance. The entire styling package consists of wide vented front and rear wheel arches with an integrated rear air dam, lower boot wing, Kahn lowered sports suspension system, billet aluminum side vents, privacy tinted glass, red brake calipers, 22” Kahn RS600 wheels,  and tinted rear lamps.

The revisions continue with a radically designed stainless steel quad exhaust system.  However, this custom exhaust is not your typical fire-breather that will wake the neighbors at every touch of the gas pedal. To the contrary it’s stated to be an adequate, yet nonchalant sensation.

Inside you’ll find an amazing interior that’s a lot more sporty than what you’ll see from the factory. The  interior which has been upgraded to a magnificent level with a blend of claret quilted and perforated leather with the speedo and rev counter facia in red and cream.

The end result is a Panamera that’s still classy, yet slightly more aggressive, and maybe most importantly now features bodylines that are much more appealing.

[Source: Kahn Design]

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