McLaren P1 Revealed at Paris Motor Show

McLaren has made its first appearance at a motor show, and quite an appearance they’ve made. They showed off the follow-on to the legendary McLaren F1, the McLaren P1. 

The McLaren P1 is one of the major releases this week in Paris. McLaren mentioned that at the time the McLaren P1 that was displayed is just a design model, it is expected that what was debuted is around 97% of what the final design will look like.

The P1 is McLaren’s opportunity to use its years of race history and technology to produce a race ready street car as it did with the McLaren F1. The McLaren P1′s design was led by engineering in mind first.The P1 has a very narrow front end, and somehow still manages to produce the more down force than any other production car at 125 mph. The estimated numbers are around 1300lbs, which will allow this car to fly around the track like with extreme composure.  Form took a backseat to function on the McLaren P1. Aerodynamics at high speed was the engineers focus during development

Check out the gallery and the video of the McLaren P1, we will keep you updated as more details are released on the soon to be great super car.