The Five Greatest British Sports Cars

British sports cars have been renowned for their sense of distinctive style. Not as full of finesse as their Italian equivalent, or as powerful as their American brothers, the British sports car is famous for its exquisite quality and craftsmanship. Add to this some amazing handling cars, some very distinct designs and an exhaust note that would make your heart sing and you see why these machines are so desirable. So, let’s look at some of the best.
Lotus Elise
This little beauty is a worthy Lotus and is a testament to Colin Chapman and the company’s roots. It’s a tiny machine without any extras in terms of weight or luxury in the true Lotus way. The Elise was a perky little car with amazing handling and saved Lotus from the brink of bankruptcy. It was produced until 2006, where a Series 2 model came out in the US.
Aston Martin DB5
With all the James Bond hype at the moment, it’s nice to look back to the old if less than humble origins of Bond’s autos. The DB5 is a beautiful machine and was powered by a 4 litre engine that managed 282 horsepower and 143 mph- fast for 1963, The car is one of the most desirable of all British sports cars, frankly because it’s beautiful and also as it’s Bond’s car.
Jaguar E Type
Enzo Ferrari titled the Jag, the most beautiful car ever made and anyone who has witnessed one will agree. The car also managed however to drive as it looked and could manage up to 150mph. The 3.8 litre engine was amply powerful, though the car is a work of aesthetic art and one of the finest pieces of British design of all time in any area of manufacturing.
Austin Healy Sprite
One of the most popular British sports cars, mainly because it was affordable. The little Austin and lesser so its MG Midget cousin were great little machines that allowed low cost thrills and frills too. The little Austin was a great driver’s car and suitably is one of the most popular modified purchased and contract hire sports cars for track days of all time.
This little car really changed the world of sports cars and is spectacular in its own right. The car broke America after American GIs brought them home or purchased them in the states after driving them in Europe. The MG became a phenomenon and is still highly desirable today.
British sports cars offer something many others don’t. Aside from reliability and other issues, they are car enthusiast’s machines, with plenty to offer.
Cormac Reynolds works for First Vehicle Leasing a UK car leasing contract hire company.

Tesla Model S Release Date Set – June 22

The proud folks at Tesla motors is ready to begin the first deliveries of its fully electric sedan, the Tesla Model S. They are currently scheduled to ship on June 22. It is an exciting time for Tesla as they have made great strides at bringing attention to electric vehicles (EV) with the Tesla Roadster. With the Model S sedan set to release this June and the Model X with a planned delivery date around 2014, Tesla will hopefully have some bright days ahead.

In preparation for the Model S release Tesla will Continue reading »

2012 BMW M5 at Laguna Seca Video

2012 BMW M5 at Laguna

The 2012 BMW M5 is BMW’s next generation in luxury and performance. The new M5 will feature a high-revving 4.4-liter V-8, mated to an M TwinPower Turbo package. The end result is a powerful 560 horsepower, with a 0-60 mph time of just 4.4 seconds, and all in an efficient and more environmentally friendly package. Without question, that level of performance coupled with an estimated fuel economy of 28.5 mpg will help the M5 appeal to an even broader audience. Still, at the heart of every M is pure performance. More specifically, track performance. Thus, BMW has recently released a video featuring the 2012 BMW M5 at Laguna Seca. The video gives us a brief, cinematic glimpse of what the 2012 BMW M5 has to offer on the track.

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Koenigsegg – What Dreams are Made of


When one hears the word Koenigsegg (if pronounced correctly) most would think of one of the greatest supercars ever built. Christian von Koenigsegg at the age of 22 abandoned his then import/export company to follow his dream. It was then he began the Koenigsegg Automotive company. He had one mission, to create the perfect supercar.   Continue reading » Partners with McLaren

McLaren Electronics (the world’s leading online motorsports simulation software) has partnered with McLaren Electronic Systems, to incorporate the McLaren ATLAS Express software into their service. This partnership will give iRacing subscribers access to similar data acquisition and telemetry systems that’s currently used in Formula One.

“With the new iRacing telemetry capability, our members will be able to log detailed telemetry from their virtual race car to disk,” says Dave Kaemmer, iRacing’s chief executive and chief technical officer.  “Using McLaren Electronics’ Atlas Express data analysis application, members who wish to delve into the engineering details in order to improve their cars’ handling will be able to do so, using very similar tools as F1 and NASCAR teams.  In addition, with iRacing’s new real-time telemetry interface, multiple applications will be able to access telemetry simultaneously, allowing easier support for motion platforms, external gauges, and other add-ons from the sim-racing community.”

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GoldRush Rally | GR3

GoldRush Rally | GR3

Yesterday the organizers of the GoldRush Rally announced gR3 will start on June 14th and end on the 19th. Over 6 days the rallyers will drive through Denver, Park City, Las Vegas, Scottsdale and finish at Los Angeles.

Visit L4P and GoldRush Rally for more information.

Meet Alex’s Mate, The R8

Meet Alex's Mate, The R8

By request from a valued and dedicated reader, here is a tribute to a fan favorite (thanks for the input Alex Gregg). The Audi R8 Coupe. Introduced as a concept car in 2003 at the Geneva Motor Show and Frankfurt International Auto Show, it uses the Audi trademark quattro all-wheel-drive system. Jacky Ickx has been quoted saying the R8 is “the best handling road car today”. The 4.2 liter v8 puts out 420 horsepower, while the 5.2 v10 provides 525 horses. Considering Volkswagen owns Audi and Lamborghini, it’s no surprise that the only two options for the transmission are the Lambo 6-speed transmission and the semi-automatic R tronic no-clutch transmission from Audi. Much of the design is also borrowed from Lamborghini.

BMW Invests 750 million

BMW Invests 750 million

Just released yesterday, BMW announced that it had “intermittent” use of the Federal Reserve’s Commercial Paper Funding Facility in 2008 and 2009. How much use did they have exactly? 3.62 billion dollars.  BMW used the money to invest into its South Carolina assembly plant and to help maintain sales of their new cars.  BMW themselves invested 750 million into their plant to help assemble the new X3.

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