BMW M3 Pickup Spotted at The Nürburgring

BMW M3 seen testing at the Nürburgring

BMW seen testing its most recent creation at the Nürburgring, a BMW M3 Pickup.  When these pictures were released it was unsure if this monster was a production vehicle or not. Unfortunately BMW has explained that it is a one off custom built car for BMW Motorad supplier. Judging by the passenger’s goofy grin I’d say chances are it’s pretty fast.


2011 Maybach Guard – Armored Super Car

2011 Maybach 62 Guard Armored Limousine

Daimler introduced they’re new armored limousine that has an astonishing 0-60 time of 5.7 seconds. This way not only are you bullet proof but you can also outrun you attackers. With a price tag of just over 426K I wouldn’t expect anything less.

“ Daimler introduced armored limousine Maybach Guard, built on a production model Maybach 62. Specialists of the German company tried to make a new “armored” Maybach Guard visually very discreet and only a specialist eye will be able to distinguish the Guard from the standard Maybach 62.

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Spyker Sells Car Unit to CoachBuilders CPP

Spyker Laviolette GTR

CPP a premium coachbuilding company based in United Kingdom, is buying out Spyker. The purchase price is said to be 32 million Euros, 15 million Euros will be paid immediately and the remaining 17 million Euros will be paid over a six year ‘earn-out’ period.

Brendan O’Toole the Managing Director of CPP, said that “This acquisition is very positive news for everyone connected to Spyker. We’re absolutely confident that independent ownership will enable us to rapidly progress an invigorated business plan, to which CPP is fully committed.”He added that “The management of CPP is very excited about the acquisition of the Spyker sportscar business, and the brand is entering a period of major development”. Also at the end adding “Production of the new Spyker flagship supercar, the C8 Aileron, is progressing well and we are ramping up production of customer cars at our new purpose-built facility in Coventry. We have well-developed plans to expand the product range further, and the future for the Spyker brand is incredibly exciting.”

McLaren Acquires Audi’s Greg Levine

Greg Levine


McLaren Acquires Audi’s Greg Levine:

Having a great product does not matter if you can’t sell it. To solve the problem McLaren has hired Greg Levine, the head of Audi sales in South Africa to lead McLaren’s sales and marketing department. McLaren is hoping to sell  a thousand units in the first full year, of which the United States is expected to account for 400 units.

Cars and Coffee Orange County

Irvine’s Cars and Coffee boasted an impressive array of luxury vehicles, sports cars, super cars, and even a few classics. Vehicles ranged from 1955 Austin Healeys to 2011 Porsches.  The meet commanded attention with cars such as a 2011 Guard Red Porsche Turbo S and a Matte Green 10 cylinder Lamborghini Gallardo.  The Turbo S which reaches 60 mph in 3.1 seconds cost the owner a mere$183,175 while the Gallardo, which is currently for sale, is listed at a steeper $286,835. If Porsches and Lamborghinis  were not enough, Cars and Coffee also presented the 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia. The 562 horsepower V8 two seater gained the most recognition among the 75+ other cars in attendance. Considering most vehicles redline under 7000 rpm, the Italia’s maximum engine power of 9000 rpm left many viewers in awe. The supercar left fanatics marveling and amateurs wondering, “What is THAT?” Irvine’s Cars and Coffee also emphasized  advances in technology and design creating a didactic experience through material comparison. The contrast between classic cars like the 1956 Mercedes Benz 220 S Ponton Cabriolet, whose class remained evident but Becker Mexico Radio (with station scanning) diminished its technical shine, and the BMW M5 equipped with navigation, heated seats, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, and dynamic stability control was inevitable. Cars and Coffee covered multiple generations of cars and coupes and more importantly brought those interested, together. Most attendees knew their cars, and knew them well creating the perfect setting for the pros to discuss, and amateurs to discover the indubitable thrill of automobiles.