Audi shows off its rear-view AMOLED display in the R8 e-Tron

Audi is taking another leap towards the future, Audi has announced that the Audi R8 e-Tron will feature a 7.7 inch color AMOLED display that will take place of the old fashioned rear-view mirror. The AMOLED display will be provided by Samsung and will be self illuminating at low voltage and not require a back light. The rear-view display will receive a video feed from a very small wide angle camera in the rear, the camera will be able to provide a wider viewing angle than a normal rear-view mirror.  Continue reading »

Is Launch Control a Bad Thing?

Has Launch Control taken the skill-part out of driving fast?

Thanks to modern technology, any idiot with a big enough checkbook, can press a button and make his Corvette perform panty-dropping launches, all day long. He no longer needs to experiment in order to determine the perfect RPMs at which to drop the clutch. And if Mr. Mid-Life P. Crisis can’t manage a stick, he needn’t worry. His 20-clutch automated manual has the same button. Continue reading »