Electric Audi R8 E-Tron Sets Nurburgring Lap Record

To many devoted petrol heads, powering a car with electricity is boring, and it can lead to that newly-coined disorder; Range Anxiety. While Pfizer scientists are probably hard at work, developing a pill for the disorder, we can think of another, more entertaining cure. How ‘bout electrifying a supercar, then using it to set a new lap record at the Green Monster? Such a car would certainly turn heads at the Friday night cruise. Continue reading »

Honda & Mugen Build Twin-Turbo CR-Z GT for Super GT

Most hybrids, by nature, are boring. The Honda CR-Z however, speaks to the 12 year-old in all of us, through its sporty shape, and lively driving dynamics. It’s a full-on Prius hybrid, and it’s not what you’d call quick. But it’s tossable nature is much more entertaining than its cross-prefecture rival from Toyota City. And now, Honda has joined forces with its ‘authorized’ tuner, Mugen, to create an exciting hybrid racer for the GT300-Class of Japan’s Super GT. Continue reading »

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell Powering up in Detroit


Mercedes debuted their newest electric vehicle in Detroit. If you thought the electric supercar thing would not catch on…. you were wrong (as you always are)! Mercedes has in fact started what they call “AMG Performance 2015″ where they will continue to incorporate electric vehicles into their line-up.

Mercedes was able to bring the performance numbers extremely close to its flagship super car the SLS AMG. Which was extremely necessary when trying to convince true car lovers. Continue reading »