Electric Audi R8 E-Tron Sets Nurburgring Lap Record

To many devoted petrol heads, powering a car with electricity is boring, and it can lead to that newly-coined disorder; Range Anxiety. While Pfizer scientists are probably hard at work, developing a pill for the disorder, we can think of another, more entertaining cure. How ‘bout electrifying a supercar, then using it to set a new lap record at the Green Monster? Such a car would certainly turn heads at the Friday night cruise. Continue reading »

Tesla Model S Release Date Set – June 22

The proud folks at Tesla motors is ready to begin the first deliveries of its fully electric sedan, the Tesla Model S. They are currently scheduled to ship on June 22. It is an exciting time for Tesla as they have made great strides at bringing attention to electric vehicles (EV) with the Tesla Roadster. With the Model S sedan set to release this June and the Model X with a planned delivery date around 2014, Tesla will hopefully have some bright days ahead.

In preparation for the Model S release Tesla will Continue reading »