Subaru Engineers Discuss the Subaru BRZ Development Process

Let’s not forget that the FT-86 concept was a joint venture and with the entire buzz surrounding Toyota/Scion it’s time we dish out some love for the Subaru BRZ. After all, the core development of what makes this such a special car was all handled by Subaru. Their engineers were responsible for the chassis and powertrain development while Toyota was in charge of the design. Even the heart of both sports cars is the 2.0-liter flat-four, also developed by Subaru, although Toyota did contribute their D-4S combination port- and direct-fuel-injection system.

While both cars are seemingly identical, there are some small inherent differences between the two. Mainly, as Car and Driver points out, that the Subaru BRZ is less prone to oversteer and has a slight tendency to understeer. Driver preference as to whether or not that should be considered a positive or negative. Nonetheless, it’s time we get Subaru’s take on this entire project. Thankfully, they recently released a video in which they detail the development and thought process behind the Subaru BRZ.

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