The Ford Mustang V6 Premium Review

Ford Mustang V6 Premium

The most recent addition to the Ford Mustang line of cars is their new Ford Mustang V6 Premium 2013 model. Ford has made some interesting upgrades and refinements since the last version and could be set to be one of Ford’s more well-received lines in 2013. The latest Mustang looks to be more powerful with changes to the engine spec and trim as well as increased luxury aspects to make the car more comfortable. Safety has not been disregarded either, with some minor enhancements towards the air bag system (including side mounted bags), the Ford factory-installed engine immobilizer, child seating, and the automated braking systems. Continue reading »

2013 Dodge Viper #0001 auctioned for $300,000

New Dodge Viper SRT Introduced and Auctioned

When Dodge introduced the first Viper in 1992, little boys across the country began ripping down their Diablo posters, and replacing them with images of Bob Lutz’ daring creation. Over the next two decades, the V10 Dodge Viper got technically better, but it somehow lost its ‘car pornstar’ status along the way.

The saying: “absence makes the heart grow fonder” proved to be true. When Chrysler Corp. axed the Viper in 2010, the legendary tire-shredder was suddenly on everyone’s mind. The 5th-Gen SRT Viper became the subject of countless rumors & speculations. Some even suggested that Chrysler’s new snake-car would be based on a Ferrari, but little of the blogosphere fodder turned out to be true.

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‘King of Cool’ Steve McQueen’s 1970 Porsche 911 Sells for $1,375,000

RM Auctions Porsche King of Cool McQueen

The iconic 1970 Porsche 911s formerly owned by the ‘King of Cool’ Steve McQueen and featured in his epic Hollywood film Le Mans sold for an impressive $1,375,000 before a packed house at RM’s Monterey, CA sale last night, setting a new world record for a 911 sold at auction.

Built to the highest 1970 specification and with a full complement of factory options, the Slate Grey 911s stars in the film’s legendary opening sequence as McQueen’s character, hotshot Porsche driver, Michael Delaney, drives through the French countryside, reflecting on life, death, and racing. In addition to its starring role in the film, the Porsche 911s was used as McQueen’s personal transport during the movie’s production, later joining his own stable of extraordinary motor cars in California.

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Porsche Boxster E – Electric Prototype

Porsche Boxster E

The Porsche Boxster E is a prototype that Porsche is using to explore the future possibilities of electric-only vehicles. While Porsche sits at the forefront of automotive technology, their vehicles are also renowned for their sporting nature and overall driving pleasure. Thus, the case of electric vehicles presents an interesting conundrum for the German manufacture. Is it possible for Porsche to maintain their world-class driving dynamics in a vehicle that derives its power solely from an electric motor? As it stands, Porsche currently believes so and claims that the Porsche Boxster E is valid proof thereof.

On paper it definitely seems like a sound argument to make. Considering that the prototype equipped with twin electric motors produces 240 horsepower, making for a 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds. Essentially their pure electric Boxster is almost as fast to 60 mph as the Boxster S.

But, here’s something the spec sheets can’t answer – is it as fun to drive? According to Inside Line’s driving impressions on the Porsche Boxster E, although a prototype it still feels like a complete vehicle. The handling characteristics are about what we would expect from a Porsche. Even still, would you want a Porsche that has to be plugged in, or pumps synthetic engine noises through speakers? Would that carry the same Porsche prestige or racing pedigree? Currently the Boxster E is merely a prototype, a testing grounds for Porsche, with no concrete plans to incorporate such a vehicle into their their lineup. But, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

Complete details and videos on the Porsche Boxster E below.

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