Aston Martin Looking to Revive the Lagonda SUV


Aston Martin Lagonda concept to become a reality.

With the growth of the SUV market and 4 door sport cars becoming more and more successful, Aston Martin has recently announced plans to rehash the Lagonda SUV that was announced at the Geneva Auto Show in 2009. Bentley, Maserati, and Rolls-Royce have showed interest in developing SUV renditions of their luxury cars. Continue reading »

Lexus LFA Shows it’s Support For Breast Cancer

In support of Breast Cancer awareness, Lexus of Brisbane (Australia) teamed up with Exotic Graphix to wrap a Lexus LFA in all pink. The pink LFA was done in support of the Faingaa Twins. The Faingaa Twins are rugby players that play a crucial role in the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer awareness.  Continue reading »

2013 Nissan GTR Usain Bolt Edition to be Auctioned

2013 Nissan GTR Usain Bolt Edition

The 2013 Nissan GTR which was made to honor the fastest man in Olympic history, Usain Bolt will be auctioned off later this month. The Gold GTR will be listed on eBay and proceeds from the auction will be offered to support the Usain Bolt Foundation, a charity that helps young kids in Jamaica. Continue reading »

Vossen Wheels Celebrates 200K Likes with Sale

Vossen Wheels is celebrating recieving 200,000 likes by giving 33% off their entire store. You should probably head over to their store fast, because the sale ends on September 30th at 12AM.

Unfortunately you can’t buy any wheels from their online store but you can take this opportunity to grab some Vossen clothes, posters, and accessories. Head on over to their store here, use 200k promo code upon checkout.

Audi shows off its rear-view AMOLED display in the R8 e-Tron

Audi is taking another leap towards the future, Audi has announced that the Audi R8 e-Tron will feature a 7.7 inch color AMOLED display that will take place of the old fashioned rear-view mirror. The AMOLED display will be provided by Samsung and will be self illuminating at low voltage and not require a back light. The rear-view display will receive a video feed from a very small wide angle camera in the rear, the camera will be able to provide a wider viewing angle than a normal rear-view mirror.  Continue reading »

Electric Audi R8 E-Tron Sets Nurburgring Lap Record

To many devoted petrol heads, powering a car with electricity is boring, and it can lead to that newly-coined disorder; Range Anxiety. While Pfizer scientists are probably hard at work, developing a pill for the disorder, we can think of another, more entertaining cure. How ‘bout electrifying a supercar, then using it to set a new lap record at the Green Monster? Such a car would certainly turn heads at the Friday night cruise. Continue reading »

McLaren MP4-12C Spider Revealed

In the world of supercars, McLaren is sort of the odd-man-out. They don’t make automotive manhood extensions with scissor doors, and fluorescent paint colors. They make instruments of speed. You don’t buy a McLaren MP4-12C to impress the opposite sex. You buy one because you wish to traverse massive chunks of planet, very quickly. Continue reading »

Drool: 2013 BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition

BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition Revealed

The BMW M3 is arguably one of the best driver’s cars in the world. It’s poised, and balanced in the curves. The car reacts to your inputs, effortlessly. In the hands of the right driver, a 2013 BMW M3 is capable of amazing things.

If gasoline runs through your veins, then you’ve probably heard of the Lime Rock Park race track, or its owner, Skip Barber. In case you haven’t, Lime Rock Park is a road course, located in Connecticut. It was opened in 1957, and Lime Rock was the first racetrack to be designed using science, and safety principles. The 1.5 mile track is nestled amid the rolling hills, and serene countryside of the Berkshire Mountains. Spectators often bring a picnic lunch, so they can enjoy the racing action from atop a grassy hill, or beneath the shade of an oak tree. Lime Rock Park combines the pristine New England countryside, with the thrill of motorsports. And nearly everybody who is anybody in auto racing, has raced at Lime Rock.

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