ADV.1 Wheels Project Compilation

ADV.1 Wheels the designer and producer of some of the best looking wheels out there, released a mid year 2012 compilation video. ADV.1 shows off some of their projects that were completed in the first half of this year. You can see a host of super cars and different wheel styles, the video is well shot and displays the cars beautifully. Check out the video after the jump. Continue reading »

Jeremy Foley Crash at Pikes Peak 2012

Jeremy Foley and his co-driver crashed at this years Pike Peak Hill Climb in the exact same spot that Bobby Regester crashed last year. Checked out both videos, unfortunately Jeremy Foley was not as lucky as Regester and you can tell the crash is more intense. Both Jeremy and his co-driver have been taking to the hospital with serious injuries. Roll cages are a life saver.

AMS Performance Alpha Omega GT-R Sets World Record

Alpha Omega GT-R

AMS one-ups their selves with the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R


AMS Performance does it again, this time with the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R. The Alpha Omega GT-R recently set the Texas Mile ablaze, recording a GT-R top speed record of 218mph. It also clocks the quarter mile in 8.62 seconds at 173.81mph. I’m still trying to pick my jaw up from their last build in the Alpha 12, and already they’ve well surpassed the records set with it.

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Footage of Batman Being Pulled Over in his Lamborghini



Here is the raw footage of good guy Batman in his Batmobile being pulled over in his all black Lamborghini sporting also a license plate that reads “BATMAN”. The photo that put people a buzz all over the interwebz wondering who this guy was, was eventually sorted out and it turns out that is a true Super Hero. The guy rides around in his free time dressed as batman delivering Super Hero memorabilia to sick children. The story  will make it seem like your cutting onions directly on your face (it’s a tear jerker).

But this is the cop video, of him being pulled over and also posing for a picture. Batman, trying to kill the stereotype that only jerks drive Lamborghini’s. +1 for Good -banananananananana BATMAN!

Video – Caterham Supersport tears through Snow

Needless to say, the open-top Caterham Supersport was not intended to be driven in the bitter cold and snow-covered streets. Which I suppose, is all the more reason to put the car to the test in such an environment, and as you can tell by the photo – the Caterham Supersport remains fun to drive no matter the conditions. That is, if you don’t mind risking frostbite in order to enjoy the drive whilst counter-locking through the snow. In the following video, Evo feature Editor Henry Catchpole, takes the Caterham Supersport through the windy and snow covered roads of a French mountain.

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Official Pagani Huayra Video Documentary

Pagani has recently released a video documentary featuring the highly acclaimed Pagani Huayra. The Huayra is a supercar that truly embodies the spirit of imaginative and progressive auto design and engineering. The video gives fans an inside look and perfectly details the attributes that make the Huayra such a fascinating automobile.

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Video: Corvette ZR1 Versus Corvette C6.R – Drag Race

Road and Track has setup an interesting drag race between the Chevrolet Corvette C6.R (competition race version) and the production Corvette ZR1. This may seem like an unfair fight at first glance, but keep in mind that the C6.R has been detuned in order to meet Le Mans regulations. So, the tale of the tape actually has the ZR1 with the power advantage over the race car. The ZR1 coming in at 638-supercharged horses while the C6.R is at an even 500hp.

Who wins? Corvette fans.

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