Nissan Leaf RC – Electric Speed Demon?

New Nissan Leaf RC Sports Car

Not exactly, exactly Nissan debuted what they’re calling the Nissan Leaf RC. With the help of Nismo, Nissan actually made the Leaf look like a respectable sports car. More aggressive body kit, dropped 2 of the doors, added a ridiculously huge wing and lowered it. Nissan plans to use this vehicle to bring attention to what they call the “untapped potential of EV.” The RC which stands for “racing competition” will be used to bring attention to electric sports cars. The Leaf RC will take part in exhibitions all over the country to help bring attention to the brand and build interest in what the future may hold for electric vehicles.

While the RC doesn’t look like the regular Nissan Leaf, unfortunately there isn’t too much more performance wise that makes the Leaf RC attractive. A few handling upgrades with a shorter wheelbase, and a pretty significant drop in weight is all that it boast.

With other car makers falling inline with the electric performance vehicles  it will be interesting to see what the future holds.

Source: Nissan